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Laboratory toray carbon paper with porous micro layer


Paper-TGP-T-060-is a Toray paper carbon fiber composite suitable for use as a catalyst support layer for fuel cells, electrolysers, batteries, and various other electrochemical devices after application of a microporous layer ( MPL) for him. Substrate carbon paper is 190 µm (microns) thick and MPL is 60 microns thick. This product has a total thickness of about 250 microns. Toray Paper 060 has a PTFE treatment of approx. 8-9% and the MPL has a PTFE content of approx. 33-35%. Toray Paper 060 with MPL is a great low-cost alternative to conventional woven carbon woven Gas Diffusion Layer (GDL) materials. Toray 060 has a paper proof wet PTFE pattern (which is 8-9%).

Gas Diffusion Layer Properties

Material Type – carbon fiber paper

The carbon load – 1 mg/cm²

Thickness – 0.25mm (250 microns)

PTFE Treatment – 8-9% for carbon paper substrate, 33-35% for MPL

microporous layer – Yes

dimensions – 9.5×9.5 cm, 20×20 cm