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Flow Battery Hardware

Similar to standard batteries and fuel cells, Flow Batteries convert the chemical materials sent into the battery into electrical energy.  The ‘fuel’ is stored outside of the battery, and is introduced to it during operation.  The ‘fuel’ is typically kept in an electrolyte. This product comes standard with Column and Pin Flow Fields. Other flow fields are available on request.

The flow battery is an energy storage system.  Unlike conventional batteries, flow batteries are not self-discharging and have no memory effect.  The energy is stored in liquid electrolytes which allow ‘charging’ the battery by replacing the electrolytes.  The liquid electrolyte is a very corrosive acid.  The setup of the flow battery has to consider the cell design to prevent leakage at the cell and the corrosion at connections.

A specific test cell for flow batteries was introduced to solve these problems.  A unique and tested cell design allows the flow battery to be sealed at low pressure and maintain uniform compression.  All of the manifolds are isolated from touching metal components; thus eliminating corrosion in the path of the acidic liquid electrolyte.


✔ Machined graphite separator plates
✔ Gold plated current collectors
✔ Banana plugs for monitoring voltage
✔ Belleville washer
✔ Built-in silicon rubber heaters (120 watt) for maintaining cell temperature
✔ Nylon fittings for gas tight connection to 1/4” tubing

Flow Field Designs Available Upon Quotation
  • Column/ Pin Type (standard with Flow Battery Hardware)
  • Serpentine
  • Straight Channel